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Session #1: Powerful Questions to Motivate Change

In this recording you will learn the magic of powerful questions to open dialogue between you and your clients, as well as be introduced to masterful techniques from Motivational Interviewing and Appreciative Inquiry to lead our clients through the process of personal discovery.
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Session #2: Setting the Stage for Change – Affecting Lifestyle Behaviors in Your Clients

This recording will help the fitness professional set the stage for change to ensure their clients’ success. First, by understanding the scientific process proceeding through the specific stages that occur when making a lifestyle behavior change. Second, by measuring our client’s readiness to change by recognizing key characteristics of each stage. Finally, by learning masterful tools and techniques to help progress our clients from ‘I might’ to ‘I am!’
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Session #3: The SMART Way to Set Goals

This recording will lead you through the process of turning your dreams into reality using the SMART goal model. At the end of this recording you will understand the science behind this proven strategy-based method, while learning communication techniques and skills to guide your clients towards their own dreams.
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Fundamentals of Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Manual
Can’t attend a live course?  This comprehensive manual will effortlessly guide you through the same material delivered in the full training.  Detailed sections relating to the history and philosophy of coaching, behavior change models, communication skills and the science of goal-setting are included in this publication.  Thought-provoking exercises have been incorporated to assist you in putting the theory into practice. Cost: $25.00

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