Continuing Education for Fitness Professionals

All workshops are approved by ACE and AFAA for continuing education units (CEU) and can be presented in any time format from one to four hours. CEU’s adjust accordingly.

Lifestyle Wellness Coaching / Communication Skills / Inter-Intrapersonal Skills

A New Career – Lifestyle Wellness Coaching
Fitness and Wellness coaching is a new and exciting force being used today within our profession. This workshop will introduce you to the basic skills and techniques used by Lifestyle Wellness Coaches. By understanding what makes coaching different than anything else you are doing today, you can then decide if this is a career path you should be on.

Coaching and Training with Emotional Intelligence
Your ability to guide your clients forward towards their goals is directly influenced by your ability as a coach to tie their internal motivator to a positive emotion that has powerful meaning for your client; this is the essense of using emotional intelligence in your coaching/ personal training practice. In this workshop you will understand how to work with, relate to and motivate your clients more effectively using a basic skill set from Emotional Intelligence.

Coaching with NLP
Building Rapport and Trust is the number one thing we MUST do with our clients before we can move forward into the coaching relationship. In this interactive workshop we pull from methods used in NLP to create a positive experience in every conversation we have with our clients, moving them closer to their dreams.

Conscious Living –The Gateway to Wellness
When our clients choose to bring awareness and self-responsibility to their everyday life, only then will they see change inside and out.  In this workshop learn insightful techniques to guide our clients to a wholeness approach of wellness, as well as practical tools for putting that knowledge into practice.

Creating the Perfect “Work” Day.
DO IT! Begin the journey now! Move from where you are today in your career, to where you want to be.  In this group coaching workshop we will define your true calling through a series of powerful questions designed to discover your dreams and aspirations, while we clarify your values and beliefs. At the same time you will gain positive insight into your talents, strengths and weaknesses. Since we focus on what is really important to you, you walk away with a list of defined, prioritized and achievable goals to create your perfect “work” day.

Improving Your Interpersonal Skills through the Art of Active Listening
Effective communication is the key to our success in life, work, and in our relationships. Learning the art of active listening is the first step to that success. In this lecture you learn the secret to not only hearing the spoken word, but also the un-spoken to understand the true meaning of the message being shared.

Juggling Work and Life
As fitness professionals all the demands placed upon us by work, family and friends, work-life balance can seem like a utopian dream. This presentation explores the task of aligning our personal values with how we spend our time to renew our love for our profession, while enjoying time with family and friends. You can have it all!

Live Lifestyle Wellness Coaching
For those of you interested in Lifestyle Wellness Coaching, this is your opportunity to see, hear, and feel coaching at work. After a quick review of techniques and methodologies, Melissa will coach a volunteer from the audience in a LIVE demonstration. She will use coaching tools and skills that will enable the client to find their own solutions and move forward toward their outcome. Experience the power of coaching today.

Powerful Questions to Motivate Change
Asking the right question at the right time is the most powerful tool we have to better understand our clients. In this workshop you will learn the magic of powerful questions to open dialogue between you and your clients, as well as be introduced to masterful techniques from Motivational Interviewing and Appreciative Inquiry. Walk away with powerful questions to lead our clients through the process of personal discovery.

Shift Happens
How can we as the professional set the stage for change to ensure our clients success? First, by understanding the scientific process proceeding through the specific stages that occurs when making a lifestyle behavior change. Second, measuring our client’s readiness to change by recognizing key characteristics of each stage. Lastly, masterful tools and techniques to progress our clients from "I might" to "I am"!

Teaching Resilience to our Clients for Better Results
Stress can be your client’s number one obstacle to getting what they want out of life. By implementing resilience education in our sessions, we are passing on a new skill set to increase intrinsic motivation. Our clients learn to bounce back quicker from setbacks, therefore reaching their goals much quicker.

The Pursuit of Authentic Happiness and Well-being

For over 50 years experts have been exploring what makes people happy.  In this workshop we study the works of past and current researchers in the field of "Happiness" to help us better understand what drives our clients to make the choices they make.  Along with this newfound knowledge you are also
given multiple tools, exercises and gifts to share with your clients, to facilitate long-lasting lifestyle behavior change.

The SMART Way to Set Goals
Helping our clients turn their dreams into reality starts with setting SMART goals. Learn the science behind this proven, strategy-based method. You will leave this workshop with communication techniques and sample worksheets to ensure that you are moving your clients toward their desired results.

Who do you Think you are Talking to?
That thing we all love to hate – conflict. This lecture turns conflict upside down by exploring how the other person is processing what you are saying. From differences in genders, to learning styles, to the Intergenerational Divide, this workshop allows us to take a walk in their shoes.

Wellness / Worksite Health Promotion

Capitalizing on Fitness in Corporate America
Many profitable opportunities are available for the fitness professional in worksite health promotion.  Melissa will share with you, from her unique insight of working with several Fortune 500 companies, what they are looking for; effective promotion techniques and the qualities needed to be successful when working with corporate America.

Core Concepts in Wellness
A lifestyle based on good choices and healthy behaviors maximizes quality of life. This basic concept is where every fitness professional begins their work.  Explore the dimensions of wellness, while learning strategies to help others make lasting changes on their path to a better quality-of-life. 

The Corporate Deal
Companies of all sizes are investing in their employees’ health with worksite fitness programs.  Most will outsource for this benefit.  In this lecture you will gain the knowledge to successfully break into this lucrative market by understanding the benchmarks that every company adheres to in workplace wellness and what they are looking for when selecting an outside vendor.

Redefining Aging in America
Over 880,000 people will turn 60 every week for the next 18 years.  They have the money, time and desire to stay fit, but are we ready for the challenge?  Learn innovative techniques to address their wants and needs, from communication to medical concerns...we will cover it all.  Together let’s redefine aging in America.

Walking to Better Health
It’s easy and fun, while being the most popular form of exercise around the world.  Walking is the activity most recommended by physicians because of its high compliance and low drop-out rates.  Learn the benefits, techniques and implementation of a walking program within your own community.

Women’s Wellness for 40Plus
In this presentation we will be celebrating women over 40 by taking a look at what makes her different than women in their 20s and 30s. First, we cover physiologic changes that occur from the age 40 and beyond while addressing the long term effects of those changes. Second we learn communication techniques straight from the methodologies of Lifestyle Wellness Coaching that have proven to work best with this demographic. Lastly, we learn how to create a program around what she wants and what she needs.

Mind Body

Pose a Question

Powerful questions move us in the directions of our dreams.  Yoga opens the mind to new possibilities.  Explore what happens when the two meet as one. Prepare to be guided through a journey that will take you in new directions mentally as well as physically.

Relax and Restore
If you could use some help with methods to assist your students in letting go by quieting the mind at the conclusion of your mind/body classes, then this workshop is for you.  Learn techniques that ensure your participants always leave your class feeling relaxed and restored.

Yoga Essentials

This program will lead you through a practical approach to Hatha yoga with the fitness environment in mind.  Learn terminology, postures and breathing patterns, and how to develop a successful yoga-inspired class or cool-down.

Yoga Choreography

Unlike other yoga workshops that only teach Sun Salutation, this workshop will use the creativity that lies within each of us to create an endless number of possible vinyasa flow patterns.  Together we will build movements that unite the body, mind and spirit. 

Yoga with Props
In this hands-on workshop we will learn to use straps, blankets, pillows, blocks, chairs and the wall to shift the experience from a familiar posture to an unfamiliar posture.  Props will be used to add support in some poses, while adding a new challenge in others.  These powerful tools can be adapted into any class format to add variety, change or entertainment.

Yoga and Pilates come together to create this fusion workout that brings the best of the two together. Unlike other fusion concepts, this program doesn’t separate the two disciplines into segments, but truly flows them together through seamless transitions. Leave this workshop with new and challenging ways to work on balance, strength and flexibility.

Pilate Essentials
This workshop teaches the philosophies and principles based on the original works of the late Joseph H. Pilates. We integrate core stabilization, muscle balance and dynamic flexibility using nothing but our body weight as resistance. Walk away with new ideas in core training.

Pilates Choreography
Expanding upon the fundamental movements from Pilates we can create a core workout like no other. Moving from supine, to side lying, to seated, to prone; we flow from one seamless transition to the next. Whether you are looking for new ideas to bring to your Pilates class, or new ways to challenge your core in any class you teach; this workshop is for you.

What Attendees are Saying About Melissa

Melissa is an awesome Speaker! Motivating, caring, entertaining – my life will change for the better because of this presentation.
Can-Fit Pro Delegate

Loved Melissa. Very Organized and practiced in her presentation, welcoming in personality. The workshop was exciting and motivating until the end.
Can-Fit Pro Delegate

Melissa is a Rising Star in our Industry. Hope to see her again.
ECA Attendee

I always enjoy Melissa’s presentations. She stays on track and knows how to deliver the content in the most enjoyable way.
Club Industry Attendee

Fabulous! I am so excited to start using these techniques with my clients. Thank you Melissa for making my job so much more than I thought it could be.
DCAC Attendee

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